Kia Rio 1.4: Compact, Powerful, And Best In 2024

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Kia Rio 1.4


The Kia Rio is a popular subcompact car. It is known for its affordability, efficiency, and practicality. The car has a sleek and modern design with distinctive features. The Kia Rio comes with a fuel-efficient 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. It provides a good balance of power and efficiency. Moreover, It is available in five-door hatchback and four-door sedan body styles.

Kia RIO Specifications

    The specifications of Kia Rio can vary depending on the model year and region, but here’s a general idea of the following important specs;

    • Engine: A 1.6L or smaller inline-four-cylinder gasoline engine.
    • Diesel Engine: 1.5L diesel engine in some markets.
    • Horsepower: 96 hp to 119 hp.
    • Torque: 112 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm
    • Drivetrain: Front-wheel drive (FWD)
    • Transmission: Manual or automatic transmission.
    • Wheel Size: 15-inch steel wheels (standard)
    • Steel or alloy wheels
    • Tires: 185/65R15
    • Air conditioning
    • Tinted glass
    • Daytime running lights
    • Audio system
    • Heated seats and steering wheel

    Dimensions of a Kia RIO

    The dimensions of a Kia Rio can vary slightly depending on the model year and variant. The common dimensions of the car Include the;

    • Length: 172.6 inches
    • Width: 67.9 inches
    • Height: 57.1 inches
    • Wheelbase: 101.6 inches
    • Curb Weight: Approximately 2,767 pounds
    • Ground clearance: Minimum of 5.5 inches
    • Front legroom: Up to 42.1 inches
    • Rear legroom: Up to 33.5 inches
    • Cargo space (rear seats up): 17.4 cubic feet (495 liters)
    • Cargo space (rear seats folded): 32.8 cubic feet (930 liters)

    Kia RIO Engine

    The 1.6-liter Inline-4 engine in the Kia Rio is designed to balance performance and fuel efficiency. It makes the car a suitable choice for daily commuting and city driving. Using advanced technologies like dual continuously variable valve timing helps optimize power delivery and fuel economy.In addition, The other specs of the engine include;

    • Displacement: 1,598 cc
    • Engine Size: 1.6 Liter
    • Configuration: DOHC 16-valve Inline-4
    • Fuel System: Multi-Point Injection (MPI)
    • Compression Ratio: 11.2:1
    • Fuel Type: Regular unleaded gasoline
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 11.9 gallons
    • Variable Valve Timing: Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT)
    • Engine Management: Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)
    • Cooling System: Liquid-cooled with a high-performance radiator

    Kia RIO Fuel Consumption

    The Kia Rio was known for being fuel-efficient, especially in city driving. The car uses regular gasoline. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

    • City: Around 33 mpg
    • Highway: Around 41 mpg
    • Combined: Around 36 mpg

    The 1.6-liter engine allows it to achieve impressive fuel economy figures. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to minimize fuel costs without sacrificing practicality and performance.

    Kia RIO Car Interior

    The interior of the Kia Rio offers a balance of comfort, technology, and practicality. With its spacious design for a subcompact car, quality materials, and user-friendly technology, the Rio provides a pleasant driving experience. It includes;

    • Seating Capacity: five passengers.
    • Passenger Volume: 89.9 cubic feet
    • Front Headroom: 38.9 inches
    • Rear Headroom: 37.4 inches
    • Front Legroom: 42.1 inches
    • Rear Legroom: 33.5 inches
    • Cargo Volume:
    • Sedan: 13.7 cubic feet
    • Hatchback: 17.4 cubic feet
    • 8-inch touchscreen display
    • Standard 6-speaker audio system

    Kia RIO Boot Size

    It offers a decent cargo space for a subcompact car, making it suitable for everyday errands and groceries. The Kia Rio’s boot size depends on whether the rear seats are folded up or down:

    Rear Seats Upright

    Offers around 17.4 cubic feet of space. This is sufficient for everyday errands and groceries.

    Rear Seats Folded Down

    Expands to 32.8 cubic feet. This is a good amount of cargo space for a subcompact car, allowing you to transport bulkier items.

    Safety Features

    The safety features of Kia RIO include;

    • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)
    • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)
    • Driver Attention Warning (DAW)
    • Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines
    • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    • Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
    • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)

    Pros and Cons


    • Affordable price
    • Excellent fuel economy
    • Comfortable and well-designed interior
    • Modern technology and safety features
    • Great gas mileage
    • Decent passenger and cargo space


    • Limited power compared to some competitors
    • Smaller cargo space than larger vehicles
    • Underpowered engine
    • Simple Interior


    The Kia Rio is a well-rounded subcompact car. It appeals to budget-conscious buyers looking for a reliable, fuel-efficient, and comfortable vehicle. Rio remains a strong contender in its class with its modern design, advanced technology, and comprehensive safety features. Whether used for daily commuting or longer trips, the car is designed to meet the needs of modern drivers and passengers.

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